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Prijon Viper


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It is always the same picture. The parents are paddling ahead in their nice, streamlined touring boats and the children are struggling to keep up with second-hand white water kayaks. With the VIPER this is now a thing of the past. The VIPER is especially suited for children, teenagers and small sized adults between 30 and 60 kg of weight and 165cm hight maximun. A smaller seating shell as well as the smaller and slimmer cockpit in connection with the thigh rest, offers an optimum seating position for smaller paddlers, also on longer tours. Equipped with the traditional Prijon knickspant, the VIPER has very nice tracking qualities, despite being still well to maneuver. A real PRIJON boat!


The world-famous HTP material with 5-Year Extended Warranty for HTP


Technical data   driving characteristics  
Length 378 cm   + + Tracking
Width 57 cm   + + + + Stability  
Weight 17 kg   + + + + + Maneuverability
Volume 240 l   + + Speed
Capacity 60 kg    
Cockpit 81 x 45 cm | Gr. 1