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Kayak Factory Direct will be closing down soon and all our remaining stock is at clearance pricing. Everything has to go, give us a call, make us an offer!

Some of the Key kayaks that are for sale and which will be quick to go are:
Prijon Fibreglass Marlin LV - $2,695
Prijon Fibreglass Yukon K11 Sport Double - $3,595
Prijon Fibreglass Barracuda RS - $1,695
Prijon HTP Seayak HV - $1,895
Prijon HTP Touryak HV - $1,895
Prijon HTP Cruiser 320 Angler - $995
Various Whitewater Kayaks New and Used at bargain prices!


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Prijon Laguna Glass

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Laguna, a super-light single touring kayak in carbon-aramide or GFK. Based on the Yukon shape, the Laguna is primarily suited for smaller and medium rivers and lakes. The keel is not as pronounced as on the longer touring kayaks, which gives the Laguna greater agility. Even slight impacts on the edges noticeably reduce the curve radius. So it is a lot of fun to maneuver the Laguna around tights bends. The weight of the carbon boat is approx. 18.5 kg. The handling of this light-weight is easy, loading on and off the car roof no longer a problem.


The tissue mats of our laminated kayaks consist to a major extent of glass fibers which are very stiff, but still competitive in price. GFK kayaks have a weight comparable to Prilite boats.


Technical data   driving characteristics  
Length 455 cm   + + + Tracking
Width 64 cm   + + + + Stability  
Weight 18,5 kg   + + + + Maneuverability
Volume 390 l   + + + Speed
Capacity 125 kg    
Cockpit 88 cm | Gr. 3