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Winter 2018 SALE


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Prijon Prilite Marlin

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The newest member of the MARLIN family! Made of modern PriLite. Course was also taken to implement the basic concept of MARLINReihe.In shape it is identical to the laminated version, the cockpit is slightly higher. An optimal tour boat, the relatively low weight with high strength offers. 

The MARLIN family gets another member, the MARLIN PriLite! 

The dimensions of the PriLite-MARLIN are identic with the laminated Marlin-CO. 
Just the cockpit will be about 1.5 cm higher to get more space for the legs. 
The narrow design Allows us to hold the weight below 20 kg! 
Thus, with the MARLIN PriLite we offer a modern paddlers to the kayak made of a durable material for an attractive price!