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Cruiser 430, Capri 1 and Seayak Junior for only $999 including a paddle to the value of $60.

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Prijon HTP Marlin

This boat has now sold out.

In Cooperation with James Venimore, an expert who knows the international sea kayak scene and who imports Prijon equipment to Swedan, the new MARLIN was developed. An extremely agile kayak, but possesses very good tracking qualities.A kayak which is easy to ride on the edges and at the same time has a very safe position in the water. Both ambitious sea kayak paddlers and athletic touring paddlers will be pleasantly surprised by the good riding qualities of the MARLIN. Safe gliding when keeping to a straight line, fast changes of direction by using the edges of the boat, all can be done in a safe and precise manner. The very comfortable seating is absolutely suited for longer tours. Sensible equipment, like for example the new luggage hatches which are one level with the upper boat or special mountings for spare paddles give the MARLIN a unique character.

Technical data   driving characteristics  
Length 518 cm   + + + +  Tracking
Width 58 cm   + ++ Stability  
Weight 27 kg   ++++ Maneuverability
Volume 332 l   + + + + Speed
Capacity 130 kg