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Prijon Kodiak

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Our big star! The ideal kayak for long stretches with luggage across larger waterways. The KODIAK is fast, safe and offers unique storage space for this boating class as well as a very spacious seating hatch which is especially interesting for larger paddlers. The high volume is also a further safety aspect when touring at sea. The paddler can concentrate on the waves and does not have to permanently fight to keep the kayak in position in the water.With its face lift in the year 2006, the KODIAK became even more attractive and functional. The seating hatch was lifted at the front, to provide more space for the thighs. Additionally the Kodiak now comes with the handy Deck Box.

Technical data   driving characteristics  
Length 518 cm   + + + + Tracking
Width 59 cm   + + + Stability  
Weight 28 kg   + + + Maneuverability
Volume 390 l   + + + + + Speed
Capacity 150 kg    
Cockpit 82 cm | Gr. 2