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We will be holding it on Saturday the 10th of December from 9am to 1pm.
There will be an on the day special of a free spray deck valued at $135 with every kayak purchased.
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Seaward Passage

No Longer Stocking.

$3595 Length: 5.58m
Width: 74cm
Weight: 34kg



The Passage Tx, Seaward’s newest Thermoform double, is a speedy, lightweight tandem with a stable hull, comfortable for new and experienced paddlers. We have developed the cockpits to accommodate paddlers of all sizes. The outstanding comfort of the Passage is excellent for an afternoon cruise or a multi-day trip.


The Passage Tx is not only incredibly stable – ideal for fishing, photography and wildlife viewing – but with its long waterline length, astounding volume, dry ride and comfort, the Passage Tx is a capable long range cruiser yet a fun kayak for an afternoon paddle. Just another proven Seaward kayak design made in the ever durable, good looking ZyTx!


An excellent value – affordable price.



Standard Features


Molded Padded Seat
Adjustable Backrest
Sealed Bulk Heads
Padded Thigh Braces
Recessed Deck Fittings
Cockpit Cover
Recessed Fittings
Foot Rests
Day hatch
End Pours

Safety Features


Quick Release Rescue Straps
Built-In Locking Point


Download the Thermoform Kayak Product Brochure

Download the Thermoform Kayak Product Brochure 
(PDF, 389KB)
Testimonials about the Passage TX
"The Passage tx, at 75 pounds, was a breeze to get on and off the car. The cockpits are large and comfortable making it very easy to enter off the dock. The initial stability was rock solid and the kayak was quick to get to cruising speed. It tracked straight and true without the rudder and was very maneuverable. The new seats and pivoting foot pedals were easy to adjust and gave us great support when bracing. We were able to get all our gear into the dry hatches without any trouble and are looking forward to many paddling adventures with our new boat. Thanks Seaward, you hit the mark with this one! Reg and Claire " ~ Reg and Claire