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Prijon Yukon K2 Sport


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This long and fast touring kayak for two persons glides confidently over the water. Due to its prominent trihedral hull it has a very safe and comfortable position in the water. The seating system which is fully suitable for touring, as well as two separations for the touring luggage make the Yukon KII Sport the ideal boat for long distances for ambitious touring paddlers.GFK approx. 29 kg | Carbon-Aramide approx. 25 kg


The tissue mats of our laminated kayaks consist to a major extent of glass fibers which are very stiff, but still competitive in price. GFK kayaks have a weight comparable to Prilite boats.

Yukon KII Sport

Technical data   driving characteristics  
Length 546 cm   + + + + Tracking
Width 68 cm   + + + + Stability  
Weight 29 kg   + + + Maneuverability
Volume 510 l   + + + + Speed
Capacity 235 kg    
Cockpit 93 cm | Gr. 4