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Kayak Factory Direct Christmas Sale is just around the corner!!!
We will be holding it on Saturday the 10th of December from 9am to 1pm.
There will be an on the day special of a free spray deck valued at $135 with every kayak purchased.
Check out our website for what we have in stock and we hope to see you then.


If you have a price for a Prijon from anywhere else in Australia make sure you contact us last and we will do our very best to beat it.
Ring now on (02) 8006 4786 or mobile 0409 419922.

Native Mariner 12.5 $2995

The Native Mariner 12.5 Pedal Fishing Kayak is available for $2995 at Kayak Factory direct, the only supplier of pedal kayaks on the central coast! Please come visit us in Gosford, or give us a call on (02) 80064786



Colours Available:

Native Mariner 12.5 Multisport Propel






  • The sit-on-top Mariner features an open rear deck that is great for a small passenger or gear for a day on the water. The unique low rear deck design coupled with unrivaled stability means that climbing back in after a swim or snorkel is almost effortless. The Propel pedal drive enables you to enjoy the Mariner's maneuverability and comfort all day.


The Propel Pedal Drive System is a revolutionary propulsion system with remarkable features but is also astonishingly easy to use.

First Class Seating:
The removable First Class™ Seat makes an excellent "beach seat." Also, remove it for unloading or loading to make the boat 7 pounds lighter! Click for VIDEO

Tunnel Hull:
Boats featuring the Native Watercraft signature Tunnel Hull™ (patent pending) are extraordinarily stable for a single hull boat. It creates a boat-wide platform that minimizes rocking when you redistribute weight, and allows you to stand for long periods for scouting, poling or sight fishing, with confidence. With your feet positioned in a unique, lower position relative to your hips (in most other kayaks, your feet are at the same level), you experience the most comfortable seating position available in today’s kayaks. Bow and stern symmetry help the hull track well in the water and allow you to change direction instantly.

Adapt-a-Track™ (patented) accessory outfitting employs recessed channels around the boat that accept accessories tailored with a matching edging. This system provides a unique set of outfitting opportunities by sliding or snapping accessories onto the kayak or removing them as easily for a change in the weather, water conditions or when you're ready to load up the gear on your car.

Easy Foot System
Your Native Watercraft boat features the Easy Foot™ System. This system provides excellent adjustability from your seated position, and employs large footpads to reduce the back and leg effort required to maintain contact and control while you paddle. Adjustable foot braces allow you to reposition your foot pedals quickly and easily while onshore or underway.