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Winter 2018 SALE


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Cruiser 320 Angler $1795

Fishing from the kayak is getting more and more popular in many regions. Due to the light weight and the resulting mobility fishing kayaks can be used and transported in far more flexible and varied ways than the rowing boats usually used, which are mostly associated with one immobile mooring. Our boat is equipped with a tiltable and pivotable rod mounting, which can also be removed. This mounting is attached to the CRUISER with a base plate to reduce the distance to the paddler. There are also two rod holders which are integrated in the boat hull at the back, on the left and right of the cockpit.

Unsinkable due to the firm foam core. 115 l partitioned storage space.


The world-famous HTP material with 5-Year Extended Warranty for HTP

Cruiser Angler

Technical data   driving characteristics  
Length 323 cm   + + + Tracking
Width 70 cm   + + + + + Stability  
Weight ab 21 kg   + + + + + Maneuverability
Volume 370 l   + + Speed
Capacity 135 kg    
Cockpit 110 cm | Gr. 7