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Winter 2018 SALE


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Prijon Suborix

Fabian Doerfler Kanu Schwaben Augsburg of his current competition rifle, the Suborix:

Successor to the Stingray, and in general to drive very similar.
Improved directional stability and greater acceleration of the up gates
out by more volume just behind the seat hatch.
Balanced behavior when passing through medium to large waves
by lifting the edge at the top and extra volume in front
Upper ship.
Very light response in turns and easy to correct
by even flat ground.
More feedback and quicker turning in at the entrance gates in the upward
by more pronounced U-profile / more pronounced in the runners
Since the basic model is taller and wider, you have compared to the Stingray
cut for the same driver 0.5 to 1 cm more down.
Rider weight 90 kg

Class 1 – $2750

Class 2 – $2459 Less Carbon in the mix compared to Class 1