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Winter 2018 SALE


Ring now on (02) 8006 4786 or mobile 0409 419922.

Prijon Release

The new C1 Prijon of Canadians was developed in collaboration with Jan Benzien and tailored to the high demands the highest performance in the canoe slalom. It offers impressive performance on the course at a high level.
The new release combines tech in material construction and tread design.He gives the driver at all times with his uniform, predictable ride and handling feel safe.
An important contribution to the superb handling of the new Realea makes the setup inclination of the bow to prevent it from biting hard and ignored by waves acting water-power. Moreover, this is exacerbated by the breadth and volume in the rear hatch area of ​​the seat supports .. The driver benefits from this by better handling and greater stability, especially when change of pace – an important factor, both in rapid directional stability as well as in fast rotating between the gates.

In sum, the release of its properties provides an excellent level of performance and a very good mileage. He also creates a confidence-inspiring feeling for his driver – a decisive factor for speed and fun.

Alex McIntyre – Forth River Tasmania

Class 1 – $2750

Class 2 – $2459 Less Carbon in the mix compared to Class 1