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Winter 2018 SALE


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Prijon Jolly Roger

The Jolly Roger is the Stingray-like than the Suborix. The hull is largely identical to that of the Stingray.The sharp edges of the Suborix are gone. The difference with the Stingray is that the new model is 5 cm shorter (350 cm) and is designed for drivers kg to 85. This is the tip of the upper ship more volume. (As Suborix)
The Jolly Roger as the Stingray can drive very easy. He turns quickly and is very light, making driving errors can be corrected easily. It is important to adapt the boat to the body weight of the driver.
The straight line, despite the reduction remained the same good, especially because the tail is blunt and better in almost the same contact area of ​​the stall is. The Jolly Roger is rising almost in straight motion.

Class 1 – $2750

Class 2 – $2459 Less Carbon in the mix compared to Class 1