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Winter 2018 SALE


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Prijon Gymkhana

The Gymkhana is a slalom kayak Prijon the latest generation. Extremely agile and responsive through its flat tail, do so by saving and fast in straight-line through its sophisticated design with large contact surface and a long water line. The second innovation of the Gymkhana and the apparent is his leading ship. The Gymkhana has a much higher and wider front end which allows it to glide with ease over waves and intersections.For this, the brand-typical face reminds the indicated crease on the front of the ship on its successful predecessors.

The Gymkhana there by default in two sizes, 60-70 kg and 70-80kg
Both models can also be customized.

Class 1 – $2750

Class 2 – $2459 Less Carbon in the mix compared to Class 1