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Prijon Avalanche

Review by Fabian Doerfler
In recent months avalanche test boats were on different rivers. From World Cup tracks such as Prague and Augsburg Leipzig to national competitions in Bad Kreuznach and at night in Munich and also sprint in Lippstadt, everywhere there was the avalanche cope well – primarily because of any driver found himself in the Avalanche straightaway. The large version for paddlers of about 75 kg and 10 mm thinner version for paddlers of about 65 kg, both can dominate play and fun to curl around the Torstäbe.
Importantly, both the proven rear of the Jolly Roger, and the new broader peak.
No other rear offers this multi-talented stand up. On body weight of the driver can adjust it to razor-sharp turns, and by the skillful volume distribution, the boat remains both stable and perfectly stable, ie easy to handle.
The wide tip with more bounce now also makes driving over the eddy edges, shafts and rollers easier. The Avalanche Avalanche rolls over smaller turbulence undeterred. This helps the slalom paddler who can concentrate better on the Torstäbe. And if they do something wrong, ranging from a bow shock to the Avalanche back on course.
The Avalanche is all around designed to facilitate its occupant’s life – for a better line, a faster travel time, more fun and less effort.

Two versions will be parties during – a to 65 kg and the large version to 90kg.

How much power and speed then the avalanche thunders through the finish, the only on you!

Class 1 – $2750

Class 2 – $2459 Less Carbon in the mix compared to Class 1