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Kayak Factory Direct Christmas Sale is just around the corner!!!
We will be holding it on Saturday the 10th of December from 9am to 1pm.
There will be an on the day special of a free spray deck valued at $135 with every kayak purchased.
Check out our website for what we have in stock and we hope to see you then.


If you have a price for a Prijon from anywhere else in Australia make sure you contact us last and we will do our very best to beat it.
Ring now on (02) 8006 4786 or mobile 0409 419922.

Prijon Loisach

The wild side is a tip-resistant and versatile boat departure that can be easily controlled by its bulbous flanks. The wild side combines the best possible way with speed agility. By edging can be our most versatile race car easy to maneuver, but has by its Kiel stretched the track. In the upper ship reinforcements are incorporated, making the boat more stable and rigid. The design is completely revamped and the resurfacing was in waves of all sizes significantly improved. The blades are 4 inches higher than the previous Garmisch. This allows the athlete to maintain his speed in the curve. Alexandra Heidrich, always out in the wild side, was 2006 Vice World Champion in Carlsbad and Vice-Champion in the team. Women in all classes can make it to the top of the field almost exclusively our all round weapon, the wild side. Despite the dominance in the women, this boat will run in all classes, even the gentlemen drivers for maneuverability and stability occur like to emphasize the wild side.

Robert McIntyre – Brady's Lake Tasmania

Kevlar Hobby – $2200 Kevlar ® 40%, 40% basalt, glass fabric 20%, Herex ® and Spheretx ® sandwich core
KCEP – $2400 Kevlar ® 30%, 30% carbon, glass fiber 40%, Spheretex ® sandwich core
KCEP plus – $2450 Kevlar ® 60%, 40% Carbon, Spheretex ® sandwich core
KCEP plus carbon $2550 Kevlar ® 50% Carbon 50%, Spheretex ® sandwich core
KCEP plus Foam $2500 Kevlar ® 60%, 40% Carbon, Herex ® core
Carbon TOP $2700 Carbon 60% Kevlar ® 40%, Herex ® core