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Kayak Factory Direct will be closing down soon and all our remaining stock is at clearance pricing. Everything has to go, give us a call, make us an offer!

Prijon Fibreglass Marlin LV - $2,595
Prijon Fibreglass Yukon K11 Sport Double - $3,495
Prijon Fibreglass Barracuda RS - $1,695
Prijon HTP Cruiser 320 Angler - $895
Various Whitewater Kayaks New and Used at bargain prices!


Ring now on (02) 8006 4786 or mobile 0409 419922.

Prijon Genius

The Prijon Genius is our new leader and is a departure kayak the latest generation. The new face in the Prijon family is distinctive, aggressive and elegant at the same time and a reminder of his predecessor.With a long waterline and narrow form in the ship he is both shallow and deep water is suitable. The boat has a huge glide, is thus saves energy, keeps the track and remains perfectly still agile, but also requires a good boat feel. The new upper most paddle boat guarantees freedom of the volume was redistributed and cuts perfectly small and large waves. The narrow shape of the upper vessel – is mostly in the gap area specially designed for the racing technology and allows close to the dive boat in order to achieve maximum thrust.

Kevlar Hobby – $2200 Kevlar ® 40%, 40% basalt, glass fabric 20%, Herex ® and Spheretx ® sandwich core
KCEP – $2400 Kevlar ® 30%, 30% carbon, glass fiber 40%, Spheretex ® sandwich core
KCEP plus – $2450 Kevlar ® 60%, 40% Carbon, Spheretex ® sandwich core
KCEP plus carbon $2550 Kevlar ® 50% Carbon 50%, Spheretex ® sandwich core
KCEP plus Foam $2500 Kevlar ® 60%, 40% Carbon, Herex ® core
Carbon TOP $2700 Carbon 60% Kevlar ® 40%, Herex ® core