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Winter 2018 SALE


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Prijon Bala

The Bala is a speedy exit open boat for rivers. It was revised in 2005 by veteran Thomas Koelmann. In particular, the long water line and the low rocker to make it flat or undulating sections, single-speed machine. To take advantage of the rigid construction, the upper vessel was taken over by the wild side and adapted to the streamlined form. By its volume at the front of the boat leaves on shallow rivers and in the massive white-water paddling is always good. Also, the current Sprint World Champion and Vice-Classic 2006 Max Hoff – like many other top riders also Lord – has decided to Bala in 2005 and dominated in the form of this car to international competition. After only a few paddle strokes slides on our latest development, and between the barrel of your life and you might only your skill and fitness. But be careful: The Bala one falls quickly to the "Need for Speed"!

Ben Maynard – 2010 Australian Team Member

Kevlar Hobby – $2200 Kevlar ® 40%, 40% basalt, glass fabric 20%, Herex ® and Spheretx ® sandwich core
KCEP – $2400 Kevlar ® 30%, 30% carbon, glass fiber 40%, Spheretex ® sandwich core
KCEP plus – $2450 Kevlar ® 60%, 40% Carbon, Spheretex ® sandwich core
KCEP plus carbon $2550 Kevlar ® 50% Carbon 50%, Spheretex ® sandwich core
KCEP plus Foam $2500 Kevlar ® 60%, 40% Carbon, Herex ® core
Carbon TOP $2700 Carbon 60% Kevlar ® 40%, Herex ® core