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Winter 2018 SALE


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Cobra Tourer $1250

Please note this is no longer stocked.

Cobra Tourer


Length Width Weight Capacity
4.6m 711mm 23kg 216kg

Designed as a performance sit-on-top touring kayak, the Aquatx Cobra Tourer is for the athletically inclined paddler who wants to go the distance with maximum efficiency and speed. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for training, long distance sight-seeing or touring on moderate ocean swells, lakes and rivers. This kayak has it all, even an adjustable leg length rudder system. The low profile hull of the Aquatx Tourer cuts down on windage, enabling paddlers to maintain high speed and straight tracking with easy handling in all conditions. The integrated keel provides stability and efficiency, holding a straight course even in choppy water. It incorporates a large dive tank well for easy accessibility and extra storage.