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Kayak Factory Direct Christmas Sale is just around the corner!!!
We will be holding it on Saturday the 10th of December from 9am to 1pm.
There will be an on the day special of a free spray deck valued at $135 with every kayak purchased.
Check out our website for what we have in stock and we hope to see you then.


If you have a price for a Prijon from anywhere else in Australia make sure you contact us last and we will do our very best to beat it.
Ring now on (02) 8006 4786 or mobile 0409 419922.


Please note this kayak is no longer manufacturer, none in stock.

The fastest horse in our stable. The Barracuda has been trained on speed and tracking without accepting compromises. Flatter and slimmer than the Kodiak, the Barracuda makes longer journeys pass very quickly. The smaller hatch offers the best possible contact with the kayak, in order to keep the boat under control even in choppy wave conditions.It goes without saying that adequate equipment with two partitions, the PRIJON Deck Box and various deck mountings is also included.

Technical data   driving characteristics  
Length 518 cm   + + + + + Tracking
Width 55 cm   + + Stability  
Weight 28 kg   + Maneuverability
Volume 345 l   + + + + + Speed
Capacity 135 kg    
Cockpit 81 cm | Gr. 1