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A Story From One Of Our Customers


Ross paddles one of our Prijon Marlins made in HTP Plastic and got caught out at sea. Read his story below!
After drifting for over forty minutes, pushed by a strong south westerly, I finally reached North
Head. Just feet from the waves crashing on the rocks, I had the cockpit emptied with the bilge
pump, and braced myself for a landing on North Head. It was rough on me, and the kayak. With
night arriving, I had to pull the kayak to high ground and swim to the Quarantine station for
The following day I returned, only to find a two meter swell smashing the kayak repeatedly
against the rocks. All I could do was secure it even higher among the rocks. On the third
attempt, helped by a friend in a boat, I swam to the rocks and tied a rope around the kayak.
The kayak was wedged tight in the rocks by massive waves. After we finally yanked it free, we
discovered that apart from some wild but superficial scratches, the only thing broken was the O
ring that secured the day hatch.
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