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Kayak Factory Direct will be closing down at Christmas time so get in quick and get the remaining bargains that are on offer.

Some of the Key kayaks that are for sale and which will be quick to go are:
Prijon Fibreglass Marlin LV - $2,695
Prijon Fibreglass Yukon K11 Sport Double - $3,595
Prijon Fibreglass Barracuda RS - $1,695
Prijon HTP Seayak HV - $1,895
Prijon HTP Touryak HV - $1,895
Prijon HTP Cruiser 320 Angler - $995
Various Whitewater Kayaks New and Used at bargain prices!


Ring now on (02) 8006 4786 or mobile 0409 419922.

Welcome to Kayak Factory Direct
Original Prijon Importers Since 1995

Ring now on (02) 8006 4786 or mobile 0409 419922.
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Ring now on (02) 8006 4786 or mobile 0409 419922. Click Here
HTP Plastic
Prijon produces the world famous HTP-Plastic Kayaks. This material can only be used in blow-moulding and not in roto-moulding, as used my other producers. The molecule chains of HTP are approximately 10 times longer, making the boat hulls stiffer, lighter, and less susceptible to abrasion. Watch the video to see how they are made! Read More
ABS Formed Lightweight Plastic
For prilite boats, the ABS-combination plates, sealed with UV-resistant perspex, are pulled into the hot moulds, which have a temperature of approximately 80 degrees, in a computerised process, using heat and vacuum. Prilite boats are approx. 20% lighter than our HTP Kayaks. Read More
Laminated Kayaks
Laminated Kayaks are made by hand in the traditional way. They are more sensitive to contact with the ground compared to boats made of HTP or Prilite, and should therefore be predominately used in "free flowing" waters. Prijon is offering the two material varieties of GFK & Carbon/Armamide Read More
White Water Kayaks
Check out our large range of White water kayaks, made out of HTP Plastic! - Click Here
Prijon make a range of quality Down River Racing & Slalom Kayaks and accessories in the highest quality materials. Read More
Dolphin Surfcraft
Kayak Factory Direct is an agent for Dolphin Surfcraft. We can measure you up with a specialised Jig for a new Dolphin D1 Racing Ski. Read More


Store Opening Hours
9:00AM to 4:00PM, Monday - Friday
Saturday: CLOSED - By Appointment Only
Sunday: CLOSED - By Appointment Only

About Us

Kayak Factory Direct is located on the Central Coast of NSW and is the largest retailer of Prijon Kayaks in Australia with some 27 different models on the shop floor. We have been dealing in this brand for over 15 years and know our kayaks back to front. We know the seat comfort is the best in the industry, and we know that you won't be a disappointed customer as a Prijon sea kayak purchaser. We pride ourselves that we only carry QUALITY gear and a premium range of kayaks.

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